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How to Create a CD from an ISO Image File

Using Nero Burning ROM Version 5.5

Below is a step by step instructions on how to create a CD from an ISO Image File. This is also commonly called burning an ISO Image File to CD.

Burning the ISO Image File to CD - The ISO Image file contains all of the folder and/or file structure for the CD Disk in a compressed form. If the Image File will a bootable CD, it will also contain the Boot Sector information that is needed. Whatever software package that you use to burn the image needs to be able to read an ISO Image File and translate it so that it can understand the folder and file structure (and the files themselves), break them out and them burn it to a CD. An ISO Image file is similar to a Zip file. On the outside, you see a file name with a zip extension but inside it is all of the required files and if needed the folder structure. In essence, your burning program will "unzipped" the ISO file and then burn it to disk. Just copying the zip file in this example to a disk doesn't make files useful. The same thing is true for an ISO file. If you just copy it to the CDR, then it really is not of much use.

Below is step by step instructions on how to create the CD from an ISO Image File using Ahead's Nero Burning ROM.

NOTE: The following instructions refer to Version 5.5 of Nero Burning ROM. If you have version 6.0, visit here for instructions.


Step 1: The assumption made here is that you have the ISO Image file already saved to a temporary folder. If you need to find out how to create a ISO Image BIOS file, please visit this web page. Now start the Nero Burning ROM program.


Step 2

If the Wizard starts up, click on the "Cancel" button.

Step 3

If the New Compilation Dialog appears, click on the "Cancel" button.

Step 4

On the menu, click on "Recorder" and then "Choose Recorder". You could also use the key combination of CTRL + r.

Step 5

Choose your CD burner and then click on the "OK" button.

Step 6

On the menu, select File > Open.

The Open Dialog will appear. Select the folder that you saved the image file to and select it. Then click on the "Open" button.

Step 7

You can select the Write Speed or you can let Nero determine the maximum speed. In this example, I have checked "Determine maximum speed" to allow Nero to do this automatically. If you want to run a simulation to see if everything will run, check "Simulation". In this example, I have checked "Write" and not "Simulation". I have also elected to "Finalize CD".

Once you have your selections made, click on the "Write" button.

Step 8

The "Write CD" Dialog will appear to show you the progress.

Step 9

The message shows that the "Burn process completed". Once the burn process is completed, you will have the option to Save, Print or Discard the messages. Normally, I just Discard them.



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