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Dell Notebook BIOS Updates

The following files are Dell Notebook Bootable CD Images. They are in an ISO format so that you can burn them to a CD using your favorite burning program. The resulting image will emulate your A:\ drive when you boot from the CD.

For those that do not have a floppy drive and have access to a CD burner, you can now use the safest method of updating your BIOS - the floppy method.

To use these files, download the appropriate ISO image to a temporary folder. Burn the image to a CD disk. Insert the newly created CD into your CDROM and reboot. When you see the Dell splash screen, hit F2 and set the BIOS to boot from the CD. I would not recommend using F12 to do this. Some of the flash routines want to perform a reboot. Once the flash is complete, reset your BIOS to the boot order of your choice.

I have included the instructions on how to do burn an ISO image file to CD using Nero Burning ROM Version 5.5 and Version 6.0.

I have started a section on Known Problems with BIOS Versions. Check it out before you update.


System Description
Update Notes
No Text File
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Original BIOS

Previous versions of Dell Inspiron 600m BIOS updates

These files are exact files that Dell used to provide for BIOS updates. They are not in the form of ISO files.
System Description
Update Notes


Latitude CP/CPi ST/XT/SD Transport BIOS (TR4)

This BIOS was designed to flash on both Mojave (CP) and MojaveMD (CPi) systems. This will allow a common MB to be shipped from Quanta to Dell. The correct shipping BIOS must be programed before delivery to customers.

The TR4 BIOS will not allow a flash upgrade to BIOS builds earlier than A05 for Mojave (CP) and A00 for MojaveMD (CPi).

If you have to ask what this does, you do not need to be fooling with it.

Release Date: 12/08/98
Download the TR4 Transport BIOS


Known problems with BIOS Versions

  1. If you are using Linux on an Inspiron 8000, do not upgrade the BIOS beyond version 17. All of the subsequent BIOS images are flawed. The kernel gives this message - "Dell Inspiron with broken BIOS detected. Refusing to enable the local APIC." Thanks go out to ErikK for bringing this to my attention.
  2. If you are using Linux on an Inspiron 1100/5100 and you have the Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics chipset (845G chipset), do not upgrade to vesion A22. It has been reported that once you upgrade from A06 to A22, Linux will not see more than 1 MB of shared video RAM. If you have the 16 MB ATI Video care, you will not be affected by this. This is Dell's official response:

    Unfortunately, because of the nature of the upgrade from A06 to A22, it is not possible downgrade. This is normal, and is not a glitch. The heart of the issue is that the A22 revision is a totally different format of BIOS than the previous version. So A22 was specially designed to make that change in the old BIOS and it is not currently a reversible process.

    As a note, the BIOS Version A06 is a Phoenix BIOS and A22 is a Dell BIOS.


If there is another BIOS that you want hosted on this site, just send me an email and I will post it as soon as possible.



Use these files at your own risk. They are provided "As Is". Please read the Terms of Use before using any of these files.

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