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Dell Inspiron 2000 Parts List


9574T Leather Slip Case

Bottom Plastic Assembly
1424T Metal Slider for Battery Release Latch
5324T APR Port Door
6924T Inspiron 2000 Bottom Plastics (Includes Rubber Feet, APR Port Door and Battery latch)
02PFT Inspiron 2000 Bottom Plastics Service Kit (Includes Bottom Plastics(Rubber Feet, APR Port Door and Battery latch Inlcuded) and System Regulatory Label)
742RH Audio Jack Cover

Cables and Cords
K2490 6 Foot Power Cord, US (C-Series Adapter)

DVD-ROMs, Accessories
2878P 4X DVD, C-Module,
176CE 8X DVD, C-Module,
9605U 6X DVD, C-Module,
96FCD 8X DVD, C-Module

5H846 12.1 SVGA LCD Service Kit East (Includes Panel, Cable, Inverter and Fan)
6H349 12.1 SVGA LCD Service Kit West (Includes Panel, Cable, Inverter and Fan)
55WWY 12.1 SVGA LCD Service Kit (Includes Panel, Cable and Inverter)

Docking Station/Port Replicator
5C664 Assembly, Advanced Port Replicator, Latched Address/Inspiron,
1375U Kit,Advanced Port Replicator,AMF,Pentium III,Latched Address,
8629U Shipping Material,BOX,Advanced Port Replicator,
09JGF Advanced Port Replicator Kit (Includes 50W AC Adapter and Power Cord)
087GW Kit,Advanced Port Replicator,World Wide,Pentium III,Latitude,

Floppy Drives, Accessories
66942 1.44 MB Floppy Drive, C-Module

Hard Drives, Accessories
8C476 20 GB HDD, 9.5mm
567JF 4.8 GB HDD, 9.5mm
49CEW 6.4 GB HDD, 9.5mm
0D023 10 GB HDD, 9.5mm
698EJ 6.4 GB HDD, 9.5mm
130KX 4.8 GB HDD, 9.5mm
9E186 10 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
8C467 6 GB HDD, 9.5mm

Keyboards and Mice
7804T Keyboard,84,Document Object Model,Notebook,Pentium III,
35CJR Keyboard,84,China/Chinese,Notebook,Latitude,

LCD Plastics, Covers, Accessories
823NM Badge,Notebook,Latitude,LST
3034T Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,TOP,Magnesium-Alloy,Pentium III,
0034T Bezel,Liquid Crystal Display,12.1,TFT,Pentium III,
02JDG Cover,Hinge,Right,Plastic,
03DTG Latch,Hook,Locking,West-Spring,/Tower,Inspiron 3000,5000,7000
1234T Cover,Screw,Bezel,Notebook,Pentium III,
12JWT Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,TOP,Magnesium-Alloy,ALLOY,Inspiron
68MHR Cover,Hinge,Left,Plastic,
32PKF Service Kit,Assembly,Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,TOP,Magnesium-Alloy,
72VWV Assembly,Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,Magnesium-Alloy,/LST
755ER Service Kit,Assembly,Cover,Liquid Crystal Display,TOP,Magnesium-Alloy,Inspiron

8344T Fan,Notebook,PROTOOLS 5.V,Pentium III,400MHZ,
8F786 Service Kit,Fan,Notebook,5V/VAPO,/Inspiron 3000,5000,7000,WES
8F785 Service Kit,Fan,Notebook,5V/VAPO,/Inspiron 3000,5000,7000,EAS

28GHW 128MB, 100MHz DIMM Service Kit
58JEV 256MB, 100MHz DIMM
355TF 64MB, 100MHz DIMM Service Kit

Miscellaneous Hardware
8450P Assembly,Drive Bay,Multiple-Media,Chip Set
D1003 128 MB USB Flash Memory Device
44GXD Gasket,Speaker,Rubber,Notebook,Latched Address,

Modems, Accessories
67NJX Bracket,Modem,Metal,Notebook,Latched Address,
3534T Printed Wiring Assy,Input/Output,Modem,West/Cable,Notebook,Latched Address,

930CN Printed Wiring Assy,Planar (Motherboard),Pentium III,500L,Notebook,
6H186 Service Kit,Printed Wiring Assy,West/Fan,400MHZ,WEST,LS
245UF Service Kit,Printed Wiring Assy,Planar (Motherboard),Notebook,Cellular-400,Latched Address-Low Chassis
014YC Service Kit,Printed Wiring Assy,Planar (Motherboard),Pentium III,400MHZ,Latched Address,
6H185 Service Kit,Printed Wiring Assy,West/Fan,500MHZ,WEST,
4H601 Service Kit,Printed Wiring Assy,West/Fan,500MHZ,LS
4H603 Service Kit,Printed Wiring Assy,West/Fan,400CEL,LS

89206 10 Base TEnet card (will be subbed with 082NV)
8595C 56k modem dongle
7771E Enet 10/100 card
4555U 10/100 network card
0120C Blank Plastic PCMCIA Slot Filler Insert
3K020 Enet 10/100 card.6.5 (includes drivers and cables)
3348T Enet 10/100 card.6
2851R 56k Winmodem (Xjack)
1579U 56k Xjack Winmodem telephone cable (not a dongle)

68DKX Palmrest,Notebook,V2, Inspiron 3000,5000,7000
1864U Assembly,Palmrest,Plastic,Latched Address,

Power Source
4834T Battery, 31WHr, 14.8V, 6Cell, Lithium
8910V CMOS/Reserve Battery
21KEV Battery, 24WHr, 14.8V, 4Cell, Lithium
36MNT Battery, 37WHr, 11.1V, 6Cell, Lithium
2834T Battery, 21WHr, 14.8V, 4Cell, Lithium
9834T AC Adapter, 50Watt (Does not include Power Cord)
9604T Battery,Resistor,Notebook,12.1,TFT,Pentium III,

Tape Backup Unit/Zip Drive/Accessories
6P191 Zip Drive, 250M
29ENM Shipping Material,BOX,Zip Drive
653NH Assembly,Removable Media Storage,ZIP250,Cycle/ ,HCT

93FXX Dell 4800LT Wireless PCMCIA Card Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, and 4800LT PCMCIA Card)
1G482 TrueMobile 1150 PCMCIA Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation and TM 1150 PCMCIA Card)
996MW TrueMobile 1150 Residential Gateway (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, Residential Gateway and an AC Adapter/Cord) RG1000
1J387 TrueMobile 1170 Base Station Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, Base Station, RJ-45 crossover cable and an AC Adapter/Cord)

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