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Dell Inspiron 2500 Parts List


3509T Leather Carrying Case -
2509T Nylon Carrying Case

Bottom Plastic Assembly
02YDT RJ11/RJ45 Jack Assembly (Included in Bottom Plastics)
1450P Rubber Foot - Bottom
5G028 Mini-PCI Door Cover
88GMV Memory Door Cover
2278R Modular/Options Bay Latch Service Kit (Includes 1 Each - Spring, Latch, Hook Mechanism, Space retainer and TechSheets)
1389W Inspiron 2500 Bottom Plastics (Includes Latches, Rubber Feet, Mini-PCI Door and Memory Door)
4F934 Inspiron 2500 Bottom Plastics Service Kit (Includes Bottom Plastics (Latches, Rubber Feet, Mini-PCI Door and Memory door included) and System Regulatory Label)

CD-ROM/CDRW, Accessories
24NCC 24X CD, C-Module,
61XHC 24X CD, Side-Bay/Internal,
7C285 8X CDRW, C-Module
00WWG 8X CDRW, C-Module
4533R 24X CD, C-Module,
6D733 8X CDRW, Side-Bay/Internal
42VPM 8X CDRW, Side-Bay/Internal,
3515D 24X CD, C-Module,
0C898 24X CD, Side-Bay/Internal,

Cables and Cords
7309P S-Video to RCA(Yellow) TV Output Cable Kit (Includes Cable and Techsheet)
K2490 6 Foot Power Cord, US (C-Series Adapter)

DVD-ROMs, Accessories
735TT 8X DVD, C-Module
294HV 8X DVD, Side-Bay/Internal,
522HD 8X DVD, Side-Bay/Internal
086XX 8X DVD, C-Module,
1N003 8X DVD, C-Module,
6M455 8X CDRW/DVD Combo, Side-Bay/Internal,

Floppy Drives, Accessories
5C671 1.44MB Floppy Drive, C-Module,
4G690 1.44MB Floppy Drive, C-Module,
6C166 1.44MB Floppy Drive, C-Module,
9C060 1.44MB Floppy Drive, C-Module,
09YXE 1.44MB Floppy Drive, C-Module,
8U761 1.44MB Floppy Drive, C-Module,

Hard Drives, Accessories
1M158 30 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
6E454 10 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
5C952 20 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
0C777 THIS IS NOT; THE PRIMARY HDD! - Secondary HDD; 20GB, 4,200rpm
9C169 10 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
8267R Interposer Board/Connector only, HDD NOT Included
7E390 20 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
9C182 10 GB HDD, 9.5mm,

Heatsinks, Fans and Accessories
50RMM Processor Heatsink (Does NOT include Fan) (Heatsink is included in Processor Service Kit)
068RU Dual Fans, 2 30mm Fan Blades (Included in MB Service Kit)

Keyboards and Mice
0C154 Keyboard

LCD Plastics, Covers, Accessories
42VTW LCD hinge cover assembly
94PXH LCD top cover - 12.1 XGA (includes latches and badge)
385RW LCD bezel - 12.1 XGA
5C494 15.1" LCD Bezel
705TT LCD Latch (Includes LCD Latch Hook and Metal Spring)
432FG 14.1" LCD Bezel
3D315 LCD top cover - 15.0 XGA (includes latch and badge)
0640E LCD Screw Covers, Upper (4 total on LCD Bezel)
89346 LCD Screw Covers, Bottom (2 total on LCD Bezel)
7E670 14.1 LCD Top Cover (Includes Top Cover, Dell Badge, LCD Latch, and Hinges)

4C216 4MB Video Cache Memory Expansion Card
3395P 32MB, 100MHz DIMM
5395P 128MB, 100MHz DIMM
4395P 64MB, 100MHz DIMM
58JEV 256MB, 100MHz DIMM

9D170 Power/Access Direct Buttons and System/Keyboard LED Circuit Board This is not the Motherboard, only the Power I/O LED board
4F929 Motherboard (includes fan)

083YT 10/100 network card
1579U 56k Xjack Winmodem telephone cable (not a dongle)
7771E Enet 10/100 card
0120C Blank Plastic PCMCIA Slot Filler Insert
532TH Modem,56k, V90.PCMCIA, DACOM, World Wide
9911P 56K modem
8595C 56k modem dongle
8745C 10 Base T dongle
89206 10 Base TEnet card (will be subbed with 082NV)
89550 10/100 Base T dongle
2851R 56k Winmodem (Xjack)
0K467 Modem/NIC, PC CARD
5773T 56K-10/100 combo card modem dongle
4555U 10/100 network card
4225U 56K modem dongle
952RM 56K modem
941UR 56K/100 Base T Realport
082NV 56K-10/100 combo card -;One Slot
3021P 56K modem dongle
511VV Card (Circuit), Controller, S, 1394, PCMCIA
3348T Enet 10/100 card.6
3K020 Enet 10/100 card.6.5 (includes drivers and cables)

622GK Palmrest (Includes CMOS Battery, Speakers, Touch Pad and Touch Pad\Track Stick Buttons)
8E350 Palmrest (Includes CMOS Battery, Speakers, Touch Pad and Touch Pad\Track Stick Buttons)

11EYH Palmrest Insert Kit - Includes Purple, Yellow, Storm-Gray, Tahoe-Blue Colors
0849D Filler, Plastic, AIRBAY, Latitude CP/CPI, Latitude CPx

Power Source
9364U AC Adapter, 70Watt (Does not include Power Cord)
6G356 AC Adapter, 90Watt (Does not include Power Cord)
1X511 Battery, 66WHr, 14.8V, 8Cell, Lithium (Second)
Y0419 Battery, 66WHr, 14.8V, 8Cell, Lithium (Second)
3X213 Battery, 66WHr, 14.8V, 8Cell, Lithium
75UYF Battery, 59WHr, 14.8V, 8Cell, Lithium
851UY Battery, 27WHr, 7.4V, 4 Cell, Lithium

Processor Modules
799PD 650MHz Celeron     Coppermine Processor, C-Step
82WEJ 850MHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, C-Step
99NVF 700MHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, C-Step
4H670 900 Mhz Celeron    Coppermine Processor, D-Step
7D952 850MHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, D-Step
03KJH 550MHz Celeron Coppermine Processor, C-Step
1C736 1GHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, D-Step
2E865 900MHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, D-Step
59CFK 800MHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, C Step
462RV 600MHz Celeron Coppermine Processor, C-Step
331WR 750MHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, C-Step
651GU 700MHz Celeron Coppermine Processor, C Step
8D742 750MHz Pentium III Coppermine Processor, D-Step
9C796 750MHz Celeron Coppermine Processor, C Step
8F021 800MHz Celeron Coppermine Processor, D Step

4911U Screw - 2.5X6 - Thermal Solution
9318U Screw - 2.5X8 - Video Board
4C039 Screw - 2.5X5.5 - LCD Assembly to base, LCD Flex/IO Strain Relief
2013T Screw - 2X3 - LCD to LCD clutches 15.0, Optical Drive to Carrier
7116P Screw - 2.5X4 - Touchpad/Brace, RJ11/RJ45 Cable Bd, LCD clutches 15.0, LCD brackets to clutches 15.0, LCD bezel, LCD Flex ground
98MKC Screw - 2X4 - PCMCIA, 1394, Fan, LED board
6350E Screw - 3X5 - HDD assembly
72RJD Screw - 3X8 - Optical Drive Assembly
2864D Screw - 3X3 - HDD Door Slide to Hdd Carrier
97580 Screw - 3X2.5 - HDD assembly
0805D Hex nut for Docking port
6116P Screw - 2.5X4 - MB Subassembly into Base
904KR Screw - 2.5X20 - MB Subassembly into Base, Palmrest Assembly to base, Keyboard
01157 Hex Nut, (Jack Screws), thread into back of MB for Video, Parallel, Serial Ports

Tape Backup Unit/Zip Drive/Accessories
409FJ Assembly, Removable Media Storage, Zip Drive, 100M, Small Form Factor, Inspiron
5196U Kit, Removable Media Storage, Zip Drive, 100M, Notebook, CNF Transportations, World Wide
653MY Zip drive internal/fixed - 100MB

93FXX Dell 4800LT Wireless PCMCIA Card Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, and 4800LT PCMCIA Card)
1J387 TrueMobile 1170 Base Station Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, Base Station, RJ-45 crossover cable and an AC Adapter/Cord)
996MW TrueMobile 1150 Residential Gateway (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, Residential Gateway and an AC Adapter/Cord) RG1000
1G482 TrueMobile 1150 PCMCIA Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation and TM 1150 PCMCIA Card)
57FUY TrueMobile 1150 PCMCIA Card Only,

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