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Dell Inspiron 5000/5000e Parts List


9243C Leather Carrying Case - Universal
7243C Nylon Carrying Case - Universal

Bottom Plastic Assembly
9817U Rubber foot - Front Middle (Round)
8817U Rubber Foot - StrikeZone (Under Hard Drive)
7817U Rubber Foot - Front Left and Right
6917U Inspiron 5000 Bottom Plastics
1917U Mini-PCI Door Cover
0917U Inspiron 5000 Bare Bottom Plastics
2917U Memory Door Cover
3917U Latch, Plastic, Bay (Drive Bay), Notebook, I5000
6817U Rubber foot - Back
179NU Inspiron 5000/5000e Bottom Plastics Service Kit (Includes Bottom Plastics and System Regulatory Label)
54FCD Service Kit,Cover,Strip,Plastic,I5000
40XWT Inspiron 5000 Bottom Plastics Service Kit

CD-ROM/CDRW, Accessories
8330V 24X CD,
5928U 24X CD
3289U Front Tray Bezel for 24X CD Drive
10JKT 24X CD,
99MHR 32X CD,
16VRU 32X CD,
65WCY Front Tray Bezel for 4X CDRW Drive
7330V 24X CD,

Cables and Cords
9823E S-Video to RCA(Yellow) TV Output Cable Kit (Includes Cable and Techsheet)
K2490 6 Foot Power Cord, US (C-Series Adapter)

DVD-ROMs, Accessories
153YN 8X DVD, I5000,
1038U 6X DVD, I5000,
71VUE 8X DVD, I5000,
11EKR 8X DVD, I5000

Docking Station/Port Replicator
6858U Advanced Port Replicator (with NIC)
0658U Pass Through Port Replicator (without NIC)
7959U Tray,Upper,Replicator,Input/Output,Notebook,I5000
1727T Actiontec MP100I Mini-PCI Card for i5000 and i7500 APR

Floppy Drives, Accessories
9038U Bezel only, for Floppy Drive, Plastic, I5000
71CDW Bracket only (no drive) for Floppy Drive, this brkt is included in service kit part# 5E108
5E108 Service Kit, Floppy Drive with bracket for full FD service, I5000, I5000E
2330V Bezel only, for Floppy Drive, Plastic, I5000

Hard Drives, Accessories
9827U 4.8 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
955GE 10 GB HDD, 9.5mm,
45NHJ 30 GB HDD, 12.5mm,
60GTW   6 GB HDD, 9.5mm
81JWY 32 GB HDD, 12.5mm
603PR 20 GB HDD, 9.5mm
2637U 12 GB HDD, 9.5mm
06CKM 5.0 GB HDD, 9.5mm
0737U 18 GB HDD, 12.5mm
16YRD 20 GB HDD, 9.5mm

Heatsinks, Fans and Accessories
53JUH Heatsink (includes several thermal pads, **DOES NOT** include fan) ****FOR FAN SEND PART# 3817U (HINGE BLOCK ASSEMBLY)***
3898U Heatsink, Thermal Pad only, Thermal-3, I5000
278EW Cooling Fan Service Kit, LCD Hinge Block, I5000 (Hinge block service kit)
77MMW Service Kit,Assembly,Heatsink,I5000
1898U Heatsink, Thermal Pad only, Thermal-1, I5000
2898U Heatsink, Thermal Pad only, Thermal-2, I5000

Keyboards and Mice
8676U Keyboard
300YY Service Kit,Keyboard,87,United States,I5000

LCD Plastics, Covers, Accessories
07NGN 14.1" LCD Cable only,
1817U LCD Hinge Mounting Block, Magnesium-Alloy, Notebook, I5000 (no hinges, send LCD top cover for hinges)
23KDY 15.0+ LCD Cable only,
132FP 15.0U LCD Cable only
3817U LCD Hinge Mounting Block Assembly (includes Fan, DOES NOT include hinges -send LCD top cover for hinges)
38XCE 15.0 (XGA) LCD Cable only,
4828U 15.0 LCD Bezel, Plastic,
51GNX 15.0 LCD Bezel, Plastic
55FTE 15.0 LCD Bezel, Plastic
36DEP 15.0U LCD Top Plastic Cover,
25FMR 15.0 LCD Bezel, Plastic
24VDD 14.1+ LCD Cable only,
3728U 15.0 LCD Latch, Left side, Plastic, I5000
30DMU 14.1 LCD Bumper Pad, rubber, upper edge - I5000 (two required)
29EYU 15.0+ LCD Latch, Right side, Plastic, LCD, I5000
27FXR 14.1 LCD Latch, Right side, Plastic, LCD, I5000
559DF LCD Cable only, Flexible, CPT, LCD, I5000
895EM 15.0, LCD Latch Service Kit, XGA, I5000
040KU 14.1" LCD Bezel, Plastic
15UMD 15+ LCD Cable only,
1828U 15.0 LCD Top Plastic Cover,
261HD 15.0+ LCD Latch, Left side, Plastic, I5000
9089U 15.0 LCD Cable only,
80WEJ 14.1" LCD Inverter only,
79XWE 15.0U LCD Bezel, Plastic
65RPW 14.1" LCD Bezel, Plastic,
6828U LCD bumper, Upper 15.0 - I5000
5828U LCD Screw Covers (Lower edge, two required)
57FEF 14.1 LCD Latch, Left side, Plastic, I5000
44MNT LCD Bobbins kit - for internal LCD cable; includes both top and bottom bobbins
72UUY 15.0+ LCD Latch Service Kit, I5000
33PJR 14.1 LCD Top Plastic Cover, Assembly, LCD, I5000
924YC 14.1" LCD Top Plastic Cover,
71XTM 15.0+ LCD Top Plastic Cover,
25DNC 15.0 LCD Top Plastic Cover,
07TYU 15.0+ LCD Top Plastic Cover
4917U LCD latch spring (spring alone), Metal, LEAF, I5000
4728U 15.0 LCD Latch, Right side, Plastic, I5000
3828U 15.0 LCD Inverter only,

4332P 192MB, 100MHz DIMM (Dimm Slot A or 1 only)
5395P 128MB, 100MHz DIMM
4395P 64MB, 100MHz DIMM
58JEV 256MB, 100MHz DIMM
5519E 192MB, 100MHz DIMM (Dimm Slot B or 2 only)
3395P 32MB, 100MHz DIMM

Miscellaneous Hardware
7089U I/R Board Assy (includes Suspend Switch)
5876U PCMCIA Cage, Metal (cage is part of MBD svc kit also), I5000
6242T Plug, RJ11, REALPORT
11JGM I/R Svc Kit, Infrared card, (includes system power switch but not power button. (Send 3776U for the power button)
53URH DC to DC board, IC, Direct Current/Direct Current, Converter

7700P Shipping Material,BOX,Motherboard,Portable
06JNV Motherboard - 5000E (incl. modem jack - RJ11)
65DNC Motherboard - 5000 (incl. modem jack - RJ11)

083YT 10/100 network card
1579U 56k Xjack Winmodem telephone cable (not a dongle)
2851R 56k Winmodem (Xjack)
3348T Enet 10/100 card.6
3610D Card (Circuit), Network, Modem, Notebook, 10/100,56k, 3C
3K020 Enet 10/100 card.6.5 (includes drivers and cables)
7771E Enet 10/100 card
082NV 56K-10/100 combo card -;One Slot
1220U Modem,56k, V90, PC Memory Card Intl. Assoc.,
1873T 10/100 Base T dongle OBSOLETE - order 3K020 (kit) instead
952RM 56K modem
941UR 56K/100 Base T Realport
5773T 56K-10/100 combo card modem dongle
4686R Card (Circuit), Network, Modem, PMCIA,
4555U 10/100 network card
4225U 56K modem dongle
0786R PC Card, Network/Modem (Combo), PCMCIA, (ORDER AT KIT LEVEL)
0120C Blank Plastic PCMCIA Slot Filler Insert
3021P 56K modem dongle
3823E Kit, Card (Circuit), Network, 10/100,
96375 Adapter,Connector,Coupler,Modem,PCMCIA,RJ,12
9911P 56K modem
8595C 56k modem dongle
8745C 10 Base T dongle
89206 10 Base TEnet card (will be subbed with 082NV)
89550 10/100 Base T dongle
0213P 56k-10/100 Modem + NIC combo card (should sub to P/N 082NV)
0055D 56k-10/100 combo card modem dongle (should sub to P/N 082NV)

1717U Touchpad Bracket only, Metal, I5000
3717U Palmrest assembly, complete (includes LCD latches, touchpad, touchpad buttons/cable/card/bracket)
2617U Palmrest rail only, Right, I5000
3776U Plastic strip cover (above keyboard, includes power button but not the power switch. Send 11JGM for the power switch)
3748X Palmrest Service Kit with touchpad, buttons, latches etc, I5000
0717U Touchpad only (no buttons etc), Interface, I5000
3617U Palmrest Right latch only, Plastic, I5000
9617U Touchpad Button only, Card Interface, I5000
8779U Audio Cable only, Interface, Assembly, palmrest, I5000
2998U Palmrest Left latch only, Plastic, I5000
0879U Touchpad Cable only, Flexible, I5000
1879U Touchpad cable only, I5000

Power Source
5G045 Battery, 59WHr, Lithium,
9364U AC Adapter, 70Watt (Does not include Power Cord)
29CCM 600MHz - Coppermine (5000e)
429RP 600MHz - Celeron (5000e)
96DGY 700MHz - Geyserville (5000)
82DDC 700MHz - Coppermine (5000e)
0165X 600MHz - Celeron (5000)
5C307 550 MHZ Processor Service Kit, Celeron-Coppermine, I5000
247YD 750MHz - Geyserville (5000)
385FE 500MHz - Geyserville (5000)
779NP 500MHz - Celeron (5000)
78UXR 650MHz - Celeron (5000e)
46FRH Processor Module,Celeron-CUM,600,128K,MMC2
6600T Processor - 466MHz - Celeron (5000)
91CFY Processor Module,Celeron-CUM,550,128K,MMC2
767HT Processor Module,Pentium III-CUM,750,256K,MMC2
22DRY 500MHz - Celeron (5000e)
489YM 650MHz - Geyserville (5000)
44ECX 600MHz - Geyserville (5000)
5C308 600 MHZ Processor Service Kit, Celeron-Coppermine, I5000
5C303 450 MHZ Processor Service Kit, Celeron-Coppermine, I5000
5C310 700 MHZ Processor Service Kit, Pentium III-Coppermine, I5000
90WHP 450MHz - Celeron (5000)
090XH 466MHz - Celeron (5000)
612GD MPM450 Processor Service Kit, 256K, Accelerated Graphics Port, I5000
648UK 650MHz - Geyserville (5000)
5C311 750 MHZ Processor Service Kit, Pentium III-Coppermine, I5000
49FHK 650MHz - Coppermine (5000e)
5C309 650 MHZ Processor Service Kit, Celeron-Coppermine, I5000
65XJP 550MHz - Celeron (5000e)
5C354 850MHz - Coppermine (5000e)

057HW Screw - 2.5X6 - Inverter 14.1, Front LCD bezel 14.1, Inverter 15.0, Front LCD bezel 15.0, Front LCD bezel 15.0+, Inverter 15.0+
4428U Screw - 2.5X6 - Strip cover, Fasten the hinge block (top), Palm rest support to palm rest assy. Bottom of base, Mother Board from outside bottom of base, FDD to base, Fasten the hinge block (top)
59EFH Screw - 2X2.5 - LCD back cover 15.0+
73MDE Screw - 2X5 - Bezal CD
0169U Screw - 2X2.3 - FDD Bezel
21XPD Screw - 2X3.5 - LCD back cover 15.0
25FKV Screw - 2.5X6 - LCD to Base
9428U Screw - 2X4 - Bottom Latch
85123 Hex Nut for Docking Port - Standoff,4-40X6,4.8HEX,Brass
84900 Hex nut for video, parallel and serial ports
6428U Screw - 2.5X3 - Speakers, FDD Bezel,Touch pad and buttons
44FDX Screw - 2X3 - LCD back cover 14.1
2528U Screw - 3X4 - Bezel to Carrier, HDD to Carrier
0528U Screw - 2X2 - LCD latch 15.0, Plastic Bottom Cover CD ROM, Plastic Bottom Cover CD, Plastic Bottom Cover CDRW, Cover ZIP, Plastic Bottom Cover DVD
0384D Screw - 2.5X4 - Mini PCI door, Memory module door, Keyboard, HDD to base, Palm rest support to palm rest assy. From the bottom of base, Palm rest support to palm rest assy. From the top of base, Palm rest assy. to base, Mother Board from inside base, Palm
1428U Screw - 2X5 - Processor to MB, Thermal soluntion to CPU, Thermal soluntion to MB & one holds the FDD bracket, Speaker PWA, Fasten the fan, Speaker PWA, PCMCIA Cage to MB, Video Card

9717U Volume control board
0817U Speakers - left and right (includes palmrest support rail and volume control board)
5717U Speaker,Watt,40X20MM,Left,Notebook,I5000
6717U Speaker,Watt,40X20MM,Right,Notebook,I5000

Tape Backup Unit/Zip Drive/Accessories
4338U Assembly,Removable Media Storage,Zip Drive,100M,I5000
3338U Drawing, Zip Drive Assembly, Notebook, Original Equipment Mfgr., I5000
1068D Removable Media Storage,Zip Drive,100M,12.7MM,V1.5,IDE
2338U Zip drive - 100MB

Video Card (VGA)
89JVW 8MB Video Card, 5000e
7937U 8MB Video Card, 5000
66DJD 16MB Video Card, 5000e
6937U 4MB Video Card, 5000
07DEP 16MB Video Card, 5000e

1G482 TrueMobile 1150 PCMCIA Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation and TM 1150 PCMCIA Card)
996MW TrueMobile 1150 Residential Gateway (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, Residential Gateway and an AC Adapter/Cord) RG1000
1J387 TrueMobile 1170 Base Station Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, Base Station, RJ-45 crossover cable and an AC Adapter/Cord)
93FXX Dell 4800LT Wireless PCMCIA Card Kit (Includes Drivers CD, Documentation, and 4800LT PCMCIA Card)
53UKV Service Kit, Card (Circuit), Video Graphics Adapter, 8MB, I5000
413CP Dell 4800LT Getting Started Wireless Placemat
506EE Service Kit, Card (Circuit), Video Graphics Adapter, 4MB, I5000
253MM Dell 4800LT Wireless PCMCIA Card Only

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