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Dell Inspiron 700m Parts List


3U624 Leather Carrying Case, D-Series
5U838 Large Nylon Carrying Case, D-Series
6U946 Nylon Carrying Case, D-Series

Bottom Plastic Assembly
Y6229 Bottom Plastics Svc Kit (Incl. Regulatory Label)
D5167 Rubber Foot, Bottom, (Order 5 for the set)
W4895 DIMM Bottom Door, Metal
H5616 Hard Drive Door
G5745 Mini-PCI Door
Y4281 Inspiron 700m Bottom Plastics - includes modem cable (ORDER SERVICE KIT)

Cables and Cords
8K261 USB Cable for External D-MOD Floppy Drive
F2951 3 Foot Flat Power Cord, US (For D-Series AC Adapter)
H0286 Rubber Strap Power Cord Manager Replacement

DVD-ROMs, Accessories
K5458 24X CDRW/DVD Combo,
R5528 24X CDRW/DVD Combo,
M5199 8X DVD,
M5619 24X CDRW/DVD Combo,
J5633 8X DVD+RW,

Floppy Drives, Accessories
P3008 External USB Floppy Drive,
M4763 External USB Floppy Drive,

Hard Drives, Accessories
T5585 30GB HDD, 4.2K0
W5267 60GB HDD, 5.4K,
K5925 40GB HDD, 4.2K,
P5346 40GB HDD, 5.4K,
K5931 60GB HDD, 4.2K,
H5201 Hard Drive Carrier Assy
U6251 Interposer Card for Hard Drive
P5337 40GB HDD, 4.2K,
M5659 60GB HDD, 4.2K,
P5351 80GB HDD, 5.4K,
K5935 80GB HDD, 4.2K,
N5717 30GB HDD, 4.2K,

Heatsinks, Fans and Accessories
Y4284 FAN, 40.5MMX12.7MM, 5V

Keyboards and Mice
J5538 KEYBOARD, 82, Single Pointing, United States/English

LCD Plastics, Covers, Accessories
H5519 LCD Bezel Side Bumpers, Rubber, 700M
F5297 Bezel Screw Covers, Middle, Rubber, 700M
K5190 Hinge Cover Assembly, 700M
Y4630 LCD Rubber Bumpers, Top, 700M

H5499 EMI Shield, DIMM, Metal Ntbk, 700M

H4287 512MB, 333MHz DDR DIMM
6G649 512MB, 333MHz DDR DIMM
1Y255 1GB, 333MHz DDR DIMM
6G647 128MB, 333MHz DDR DIMM
6G648 256MB, 333MHz DDR DIMM

Miscellaneous Hardware
4W424 64 MB USB Flash Memory Device
D1003 128 MB USB Flash Memory Device

Modems, Accessories
9X163 V.92 MDC

W6707 1.6GHz Motherboard Svc Kit (Includes PRC)
G7908 PWA, Planer, PORTABLE, OEM, 1.5GHZ (Incl. PRC & HTSNK)
C5258 1.6GHZ Motherboard, 700M (Incl. PRC & HTSNK) Dothan
G5468 1.8GHz Motherboard, 700M (Incl. PRC & HTSNK), Dothan
M7114 PWA, Planer, PORTABLE, OEM, 1.8GHZ (Incl. PRC & HTSNK)
J7744 PWA, Planer, PORTABLE, OEM, 1.4GHZ (Incl. PRC & HTSNK)
K7373 PWA, Planer, PORTABLE, OEM, 1.6GHZ (Incl. PRC & HTSNK)
J7759 PWA, Planer, PORTABLE, OEM, 2.0GHZ (Incl. PRC & HTSNK)
H7784 PWA, Planer, PORTABLE, OEM, 1.7GHZ (Incl. PRC & HTSNK)
X6414 1.8GHz Motherboard Svc Kit (Includes PRC)

0120C Blank Plastic PCMCIA Slot Filler Insert

W4888 Palmrest Assembly, MOLOKIA

F5877 Optical Latch, Plastic, MOLOKIA

Power Source
T2357 65W AC Adapter, 19.5V, ASTC, World Wide
5U092 AC Adapter, 65Watt, PA12, (Does not include power cord)
F5188 14.8V, 4C, Lithium Battery,
Y4546 14.8V, 4C, Lithium Battery,
C5498 14.8V, 4C, Lithium Battery,
C5606 Coin Battery, 3 Volt, 700M
N2768 64W AC Adapter, 19.5V, WW
Y4543 14.8V, 4C, Lithium Battery,

Processor Modules
X5899 1.5GHz Processor, 80535, 340, 512MB, 400FSB, Celeron-M

4911U Screw, 2.5X6: LCD Bezel to LCD Cover(Order Qty 7), Hinge to Base(Order Qty 4), Palmrest to Base(Order Qty 8)
63PDH Screw.5X5: Kybd Left & Right Side (Order Qty 2), LCD Bezel to LCD Hinge(Order Qty 2)
7M490 Screw.5X4: Left & Right Hinge to LCD Cover, Left & Right Antenna to Antenna Cover
4270E SCREWX3: PCMCIA cage to MB(4)
2864D Screw, M3X3: HDD Bracket to HDD (Order Qty 4)
W6098 SCREWX5: Palmrest to MB(Order 2), I/O to MB(Order 2), MB to Bottom(1), MDC(2), I/O to Base(1), Inverter BD(1), Speakers(Order 4), Plmrst to MB(2), Inverter Bd(1)
P7810 SCREW, HEX: Motherboard (2)

M4479 Truemobile 1350 802.11 b/g MiniPCI card only.
8Y208 KIT, MPCI CARD, 2.4GHZ, - COLLINS (R2078)
D5317 MiniPCI Network Card Kit (incl. documentation) 2200
J6161 Truemobile 1350 802.11 b/g MiniPCI card only. KIT
K3444 Pro/Wireless 2200 802.11b/g MiniPCI Card Only
J4781 Truemobile 1450 802.11 a/b/g MiniPCI card only.
N5287 Wireless 1300 External Wireless PC Card (802.11 b/g, 54Mbps)

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