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Dell Inspiron XPS Parts List


H4114 X-Large Leather Carrying Case, D-Series
F4683 X-Large Nylon Carrying Case, D-Series

Bottom Plastic Assembly
F4013 Rubber Feet Kit (Contains all 5 Feet)
C2437 Mini-PCI Door Cover
C2929 Bottom Catch/Release Latch with Spring for LCD Latch
C2434 Memory Door Cover
N4887 Inspiron XPS Bottom Plastics Service Kit (Includes Bottom Plastics and System Regulatory Label)
X1189 Inspiron XPS Bottom Plastics
C2439 Bluetooth Door Cover

Cables and Cords
8K261 USB Cable for External D-MOD Floppy Drive
R0897 S-Video to RCA(Yellow) TV Output Cable Kit (Includes Cable and Techsheet)
K2490 6 Foot Power Cord, US

DVD-ROMs, Accessories
K1033 24X CDRW/DVD Combo, D-Module,
R3117 24X CDRW/DVD Combo, D-Module,
R1697 8X DVD, D-Module,
J2311 2X DVD+RW, D-Module
X4479 8X DVD+RW, D-MOD, NFI, Lead-Free
T3088 8X DVD, D-Module,
C0932 24X CDRW/DVD Combo, D-Module,
U1038 4X DVD+RW, D-Module,
D2144 24X CDRW/DVD Combo, D-Module,
C0930 8X DVD, D-Module,
M4599 24X CDRW/DVD Combo, D-Module,
K2523 4X DVD+RW, D-Module,
Y1565 24X CDRW/DVD Combo, D-Module,
U4366 8X DVD+RW, D-Mod, Lead-Free

Docking Station/Port Replicator
H7531 D/Bay External Powered USB Media Drive Bay Housing, WW

Floppy Drives, Accessories
9W031 External USB Floppy Drive,
2R151 FDD, 1.44M, SFX, USB, NBZ, Grey
1R158 FDD, 1.44M, SFX, USB, NBZ, Grey
2R152 FDD, 1.44M, 3.5" Form Factor, USB, DMOD
1R159 FDD, 1.44M, 3.5" Form Factor, USB, DMOD

Hard Drives, Accessories
X1507 Hard Drive Carrier Assy, 9100/XPS
Y1942 60GB HDD, 9.5mm, 7,200rpm
K3162 60GB HDD, 9.5mm, 5,400rpm, (P2364)
J4164 80GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm
8267R Interposer Board/Connector only, HDD NOT Included
M4579 40GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm
M4578 40GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm0P (G2149)
F4791 80GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm0P (H2066)
K5375 80GB HDD, 9.5mm, 5,400rpm, (D3766)
Y1167 SECONDARY 40GB HD, 5.4K,
J2566 80GB HDD, 9.5mm, 5,400rpm
X4691 100GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm
H4278 60GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm
J5486 40GB HDD, 9.5mm, 5,400rpm
K2471 60GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm0P
J2007 60GB HDD, 9.5mm, 5,400rpm, (9Y273)
H2605 60GB HDD, 9.5mm, 5,400rpm
H2965 30GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm
M3221 30GB HDD, 9.5mm, 4,200rpm0 (W0710)
J3104 40GB HDD, 9.5mm, 5,400rpm, (N2623)

Heatsinks, Fans and Accessories
M4559 Door, Second Fan/Audio, Bottom
M1306 Fan, Second (includes audio chipset/jacks/soundcard), Bottom
Y1458 Heatsink
N1299 Fan, Third (includes fan door), Bottom
R1458 Fan, Primary/Center, Internal

Keyboards and Mice
X1501 Keyboard Metal Bracket (contains power button connector)
3X705 Pointstick COVERS (incl. qty 2 BLUE), D-Series
T4461 Keyboard Service Kit, US/DAO

LCD Plastics, Covers, Accessories
C2512 LCD Cable Assembly, 15.4, 9100/XPS
R3997 LCD Vent Covers (contains both Left & Right), 9100/XPS
U3537 LCD Back Cover Assembly, 15.4, XPS
M3342 LCD Hinge Cover Main Assembly, XPS
6W052 LCD Bezel Rubber bumpers, screw covers (qty 6 required)
K4109 KIT, LCD Cover Insert, PLASMA, XPS
7Y854 LCD Latch Hook (Latch from top of LCD)
W0988 LCD Bezel side rubber bumpers (qty 2)
G4708 KIT, LCD Cover Insert, CIPHER, XPS
J4154 KIT, LCD Cover Insert, SKULLZ, XPS
C2499 LCD Bezel, 15.4, 9100/XPS

F3603 512MB, 400MHz DDR DIMM
J3375 256MB, 400MHz DDR DIMM
6G647 128MB, 333MHz DDR DIMM
6G648 256MB, 333MHz DDR DIMM
H3325 1GB, 400MHz DDR DIMM
F3622 128MB, 400MHz DDR DIMM
1Y255 1GB, 333MHz DDR DIMM
6G649 512MB, 333MHz DDR DIMM

Modems, Accessories
M4560 Modem/MDC I/O Cable
C1682 V.92 MDC Service Kit (Includes MDC Modem and Drivers CD)
9X163 V.92 MDC

C2291 Motherboard Engine Assembly, XPS
T4545 Motherboard Service Kit, XPS

W1437 Palmrest Assembly, XPS

Power Source
X1504 CMOS/Reserve Battery (order SVC KIT)
1K882 Primary Battery, 14.8V, 12 Cell, Lithium,
F3465 Primary Battery, 138WHr, 14.8V, 16 Cell, Lithium
5P462 Primary Battery, 96WHr, 14.8V, 12 Cell, Lithium
M3010 Primary Battery, 132WHr, 14.8V, 16 Cell, Lithium
M3006 Primary Battery, 14.8V, 16 Cell, Lithium
J3194 Primary Battery, 14.8V, 16 Cell, Lithium
R1185 Primary Battery, 95WHr, 14.8V, 12 Cell, Lithium
N3834 AC Adapter, 150 Watt,
R4269 Tech Sheet - Reserve Battery
W4080 CMOS/Reserve Battery Service Kit (Includes Reserve Battery and Techsheet)

Processor Modules
N3526 3.6GHz, 1MB, Pentium 4 Processor, Prescott DT
Y5557 3.2GHz, 2MB, P4 Processor SVC KIT Northwood (Includes BIOS CD);EXTREME Edition
P3156 3.2GHz, 2MB, Pentium 4 Processor, Northwood;EXTREME Edition
U1819 3.2GHz Processor, P4 Prescott-MT
K2498 3.4GHz, 1MB, Pentium 4 Processor, Prescott DT
F4421 3.4GHz, 512KB, Pentium 4 Processor, Northwood
K3220 2.8GHz Processor, 80532, 512K, P4 Prescott-MT
C4993 3.4GHz, 2MB, Pentium 4 Processor, Northwood ;EXTREME Edition
D2326 3.0GHz Processor, P4 Prescott-MT
G5670 3.4GHz, 2MB, P4 Processor SVC KIT Northwood (Includes BIOS CD) ;EXTREME Edition
G7475 3.0GHz, 512MB, P4PM
J5226 3.4GHz, 512KB, P4 Processor SVC KIT, Northwood (Includes BIOS CD)

6428U SCREW.5X3: KB to System(Order Qty 2), MDC to MB(1), Audio PCB to 2nd Fan(Order Qty 3), Battery Latch to Lower(1), LCD Latch Mod Assy(1), LED FPC to Hinge Cover(Order 5), Palmrest(Order 3)
2864D Screw, M3X3: HDD to System(1), HDD to HDD Carrier(Order 4)
2013T ScrewX3: MDC(1)
3R690 Screw, 2.5X8: CPU Frame to Base(Order Qty 4), LCD Hinge to System(Order Qty 4)
4270E ScrewX3: LCD Panel to LCD Cover(Order Qty 8), LCD Cable to LCD Cover(1), Antenna to LCD Cover(Order 4), LCD Bracket to LCD Cover(1), Antenna Window to LCD Cover(Order 2)
W0990 Screw.5X4.5X1.5: LCD Bezel to LCD Cover(Order Qty 2)
4911U Screw, 2.5X6: Hinge to LCD Cover(Order Qty 2), Bezel to LCD Cover(Order 6), KB Bracket to System(Order 4), Video Card to System(Order 4), 2nd Fan to System(1), MCH Thermal to Base(Order 5)

F4022 Subwoofer Assembly
U1641 Speaker Assembly
P5118 Subwoofer Assy Service Kit (includes techsheet)
T4124 Tech Sheet - Subwoofer

Video Card (VGA)
G5117 256MB Video Card, Radeon 9800 (M18)
U1202 128MB Video Card, Radeon 9700 (M11)
T1765 64MB Video Card, Radeon 9700 (M11)

M4479 Truemobile 1350 802.11 b/g MiniPCI card only.
3X548 TrueMobile 1400 802.11a/b/g Dual band MiniPCI Card Only,
J0846 TrueMobile 1300 802.11b/g MiniPCI Wireless Card Only,
C2962 Wireless Tri-Band GPRS Kit, AWS
K3444 Pro/Wireless 2200 802.11b/g MiniPCI Card Only
R2078 Pro/Wireless 2100 802.11b MiniPCI Card Only Cap WW
C4171 TrueMobile 1170 Access Point 802.11a Upgrade Kit (Includes the Drivers CD, Documentation, 802.11a PCMCIA Card and Antenna)
X2973 Wireless Tri-Band GPRS Kit,
N5287 Wireless 1300 External Wireless PC Card (802.11 b/g, 54Mbps)
2U381 TrueMobile 300 BDC Internal Bluetooth Wireless Card Only Cable NOT included
5X617 TrueMobile 300 BDC Bluetooth Cable Assembly
H3924 TrueMobile 5100 GPRS PCMCIA Modem Card Service Kit (Includes Antenna and a GPRS PCMCIA Card)
9Y200 Pro/Wireless 2100 802.11b MiniPCI Card Only
J4781 Truemobile 1450 802.11 a/b/g MiniPCI card only.

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