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Dell Latitude LS Parts List

Note: There has been an increase in inquiries as to how much something cost and if it is in stock.
Please do not ask. This site is not in the business of stocking or selling parts.

Part Number Part Description
930CN Mother Board Assy for LS 500 PIII Coppermine System (Backwardly Compatible with LS 400 and LS 400 Celeron)
9604T Reserve battery (on the Engine)
8910V RTC coin battery (On Engine)
3604T Mother Board Assy for LS 400 PIII Coppermine System (Backwardly compatible with LS 400 Celleron)
03KEN Mother Board Assy for LS Celeron System (Atlas Adds)
3534T Modem on LS motherboard (To include Modem cable)
LCD Parts
9924T 12.1" LCD Panel (Samsung)
41PPK 12.1" LCD Panel (LG)
6134T Inverter
1134T LCD flex cable assy
881FU LCD, INV, CBL KIT (The all in 1 LCD kit) Please order piece parts first until kit is confirmed
LCD Hardware
0034T LCD Bezel LS
LS Top Cover
55FRH Display Top Cover ASSY (Japan only and International Travelers Warr.)(to include Lt/Rt hinges,screws and Dell Badge)
12JWT Top Cover Assy
3644T Dell Badge
8159T Smiley badge
5034T Left Hinge Assy
7034T Right Hinge Assy
39JNG Screws x 4
03DTG Display latch with spring
1234T Bezel Screw covers (qty. 6) 2 on the bottom, 4 on the top next to the latch
68MHR Left Hinge Cover
02JDG Right Hinge Cover
71XUC FPC hold down clip
Bottom Cover
6924T Bottom Mag. All parts below included in Bottom Mag.
5324T Docking door assy (front and back doors with spring)
6324T Battery latch assy with spring
70EXM Rubber Feet (2 on Mag. Alloy)
1424T Battery Latch Knob
25MKC Rubber Strike Zone for HDD
1864U Palmrest Assy. To include all parts listed below.
3704T Palmrest Plastic (Include light pipes, LED FPC)
4704T Touchpad
825EY Touchpad holder with flex cable
71JWT Touch pad button
0804T Screw (qty 3)
Miscellaneous Parts
8344T Cooling fan
0456T Speaker Assy (Speaker and cable)
44GXD Speaker Gasket
7344T Keyboard Bezel Assy
25MKC Rubber Strike Zone for HDD
7804T US
Advanced Port Replicator
5175U Advance Port Replicator Assy
Misc. Hardware (Base)
283WW HDD EMI Clip (mounts to MB)
97NPK EMI Shield over Audio chips on MB
742RH Audio I/O Cover (Located on btm cover assy)
67NJX Modem retainer bracket
8450P Module Sleeve -This is the stand alone device that the FDD, CD, DVD, LS120, etc. are inserted/docked into.
6885U LS Module Sleeve -This is the stand alone device that the FDD, CD, DVD, LS120, etc. are inserted/docked into.
103PE IDE Cable Kit (System to module sleeve) West
47FXR IDE Cable Kit (System to module sleeve) East
10NRN IDE Cable (System to module sleeve)
3303W LS IDE Cable Kit (System to module sleeve)
45647 Parallel port cable (external FD Cable)
Hard Disk Drives (NOT unique to LS)
3442U HDD 4.8GB, 9.5MM, IBM
1174P HDD 4.8GB, 9.5MM, FJU
4442U HDD 6.4GB,9.5MM, IBM
3211P HDD 6.4GB, 9.5MM, FJU
4395P DIMM, 64MB
5395P DIMM, 128MB
4834T Main Battery, 6 Cell w/feet
2834T Main Battery, 4 Cell w/feet
942RV Main Battery, 6 Cell w/feet (Enhanced) August 2000
A/C adapter and Power Cords
9834T AC Adapter
1045D US Power Cord
Carry Case
9625R Carry Case
9574T Slip Cover

A special thank you goes to Lee Keneston Jr. for submitting the above parts list.

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