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Where To Buy Computer Parts

And Where Not To Buy 

I have put together a list of sites that have been recommended to purchase computer parts from. Along with that is a list of sites that you may want to stay away from. The recommendations are based on input from Dell Community Members that have given me their experience with a particular site. If you would like to include a site on this page, please contact me and inform me what the URL of the site is and what your experience was (good or bad and why) with that site. I will only accept the opinions of customers and not the vendors themselves.

Note: These are OPINIONS of what sites to do business with or not. You must base your own opinion on your own experience with the site.

Recommended Web Sites to do business with:

Dell Spare Parts USA 1-800-357-3355 ext. 69937, Dell Spare Parts Canada 1-866-440-3355. This is not a web site but it is the best way to contact Dell when you want to purchase parts from them. Dell's parts listing on their site is very limited.

Parts People, Dell Laptop Parts and Service - This is a good site to check out. They have a limited selection of parts for Dell notebooks. They have new, used, and refurbished parts on their site. This site is a member of the BBB OnLine Reliability Program.

ZipZoomFly (formerly GoogleGear) - This is an excellent site to do business with. This site is not limited to just notebook parts. ZipZoomFly has a positive rating from BizRate 2004, CNET Certified Store, PriceGrabber, and Reseller Ratings.

Crucial Technology - Eliminate the hassle and risk of getting the wrong memory — guaranteed, or they will refund the price of your module! Use the Memory Advisor™ tool to show you exactly the right upgrade for your computer.

NewEgg.com - This is an excellent site to do business with. This site is not limited to just notebook parts. NewEgg has a positive rating from BizRate 2004, Computer Shoppers' Choice 2004 and a member of BBB OnLine.


Web Sites to use caution with when buying computer parts:

EBAY - Your experience with Ebay will definitely depend on the seller.

There is a local supplier here in Dallas who sells used, tested batteries for Dells on Ebay. His user name is 311computer-com and he has an Ebay store also. I have bought several batteries from him and no clunkers in the lot.

There is another seller of new and used surplus laptop parts on Ebay with the user name of bobsbid1. He has not been in action for long, but his company has very reasonable prices and they shipped without delay.


Web Sites to stay away from:

MemorySuppliers.com - A lot of people have had a bad experience with this site. Some customers have resorted to threatening emails to get a refund. They have been known to ship memory that is not compatible with your notebook. Buyer beware.

Laptop Solutions PLC - STRONGLY recommend to stay away from this site. They will not respond to emails when trying to rectify an issue leaving you hanging with no recourse. I almost didn't even link to this site. Stay away from.


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